Do you use Google workspace (Gsuite) to send bulk emails and often find yourself hitting daily limits? Do you find emails going out from your other ESPs like Sendgrid, Mailgun and Amazon SES giving you better inboxing?

There is a solution! You can integrate GSuite with external email SMTPs and bypass Google’s daily limits.

There are multiple advantages of this approach:

  1. You can send bulk emails without worrying about GSuite’s daily limit
  2. Your account will not be suspended by Google for sending bulk emails
  3. You might see better deliverability depending on your ESP and domain reputation

This article will guide…

Author: Saurabh Saxena

Do you wonder if it is possible to monetize an automated email newsletter? If yes, this article will guide you about the approach you can take.

Importance of Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are really one of the most productive advertising channels. You can undoubtedly direct people to your site through email newsletter subscriptions.

If you are a corporation then you can use newsletters to engage your customers, keep them updated about your products and services and educate them about new features.

If you are a blogger you can use newsletters to publish your articles and grow your audience.

You can also…

Author: Sandeep Saxena

If you use emails to exchange sensitive information and think that the sensitive information may leak into the wrong hands and can hurt your organization- you might be looking to implement email encryption. Especially if you are a law firm, financial institution, deals in sensitive patient information or if you are a political entity, all aspects of email security are of prime importance for you. Today two of the major email products, one from Google ( product is called Google Workspace, earlier Gsuite) and another from Microsoft ( product is called Microsoft 365, earlier Office 365) provide…

Even though social media seems to have taken all over the virtual space, this doesn’t mean that the importance of email subscribers has declined. In fact, email marketing is still one of the most sure-shot ways of brand building and brand growth. It takes a lot of time effort and strategy to build an email list. But what if your hard-earned email subscribers seem inactive?

Plenty of brands all over the world compete for potential customers’ attention. With so many things trying to stop them in the tracks, sometimes, subscribers sway away. Don’t fret. …

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In this digital world, emails are one of the most efficient ways of marketing. But the question is how can we consume the advantages of email newsletter template in a better way? We will discuss all the email template best practices but before that let’s talk about the importance of email templates.

Designing email templates is the most creative way of mailing if your email deals in the advertisement, marketing and newsletters. Email templates save a lot of time while creating email marketing campaigns. It allows you to create…

How to improve your email marketing open rates

Even after putting efforts in content many email marketers face an issue of getting low open rates. This is a trouble that almost every email marketing company wants to solve. Not getting traffic on your content is not a single problem and it carries several reasons. But not to worry ! Below are a few points that state clearly about the major problems and mistakes and their solutions while sending an email to your leads and customers. Follow these steps and improve your email marketing open rates.

SMS campaigns have a 98% open rate. With only 39% of marketers using SMS, this could be an untapped avenue for direct, targeted political campaign messages. Author : Kelly Lamano

According to Textedly, people read 99% of all text messages they receive. SMS campaigns alone can provide a conversion rate of 14%, which can complement your political email campaigns.
Disclaimer: This article is intended to cover general best practices and standards for political campaign emails and SMS campaigns. This article is not intended to provide recommendations or instructions on how to create, design, send, or analyse political campaign messages.

Emails deliver a message directly to an audience. There is a human aspect to email that can help build a relationship by sending the right message to the right audience at the right time. Political campaign emails can help senders build relationships with their communities by sending personalized content.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to cover general best practices and standards for political campaign emails. This article is not intended to provide recommendations or instructions on how to create, design, send, or analyse political campaign emails.

The communications often start with a soft ask, such as to sign up for…

What is email list cleaning or email verification?

I n email marketing, email list cleaning stands for a process where we verify the validity of an email address before sending any actual email to it.

There are different terms which are used in the industry for this verification process. Some of the most common terms are email verification, email cleaning, email hygiene, email scrubbing and email validation. While some might argue that there are differences among these terms but more or less all of them are the same.

Study shows that any email database degrades naturally by about 2% every…

Many times we are approached by clients who are up for a big product launch or a big event. They parked email marketing as something to be picked in final stage. Now when the big day is only a few weeks away they quickly sign up for an email marketing service and start testing out their campaigns, only to realise its not working and emails go to spam even for very small volume.

I always recommend my clients to keep their email marketing running continuously through out the year so that it can be easily scaled when required. …

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